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El Amigo Restaurant

El Amigo Restaurant


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About Us

El Amigo was established in 1980 and we have been catering to Glendora and the surrounding community since. All our food is made from the freshest ingredients and prepared in house. We pride ourselves in serving fresh home cooked style meals to our guests. Thank you for all the years of support!


Are you open during COVID-19 outbreak?2020-04-17T20:57:40-07:00

Yes, we are open during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are taking all possible precautions, while serving you in store. We recommend that you have face mask on during your visit in store. For fingerprinting services, it is mandatory that customers wear face masks for their and our team members safety.

We are open all 7 days with our regular business hours. We are off for only 4 holidays throughout the year.

Click here to see live update for our business hours.

How do I add my business name to your business directory?2020-10-04T10:37:54-07:00

Our goal is to help local business community. As part of our efforts, we are listing business directory of Glendora Chamber of Commerce Members. If you like your business name show up in this list, then please contact Glendora Chamber of Commerce and mention about this directory.

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