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Mi Sabor Mexican Kitchen

Mi Sabor Mexican Kitchen


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Mi Sabor Mexican Kitchen, el Sabor de Mi Cocina.... My name is Sabina Magaña Cortes, Executive Chef, and owner. I grew up in a small town (rancho) in Puebla Mexico. All my life I loved to cook, from creating traditional dishes that were passed down from generation to generation to creating my own amazing dishes. I am happy to share my amazing recipes and “Sazon” with you all and it's been a long dream of mine, to finally open a restaurant with not just great food, but great dishes that tell a story and an amazing vibe!


At Mi Sabor Mexican Kitchen, we believe in caring for each guest individually, ensuring that their meal is one they remember long after the last bite.

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Steak and Shrimp
Pan con Hueve (french toast)

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Sandy Magana
Are you open during COVID-19 outbreak?2020-04-17T20:57:40-07:00

Yes, we are open during the COVID-19 outbreak. We are taking all possible precautions, while serving you in store. We recommend that you have face mask on during your visit in store. For fingerprinting services, it is mandatory that customers wear face masks for their and our team members safety.

We are open all 7 days with our regular business hours. We are off for only 4 holidays throughout the year.

Click here to see live update for our business hours.

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